Fifty-Nine Parks Test Print / Mashup

Fifty-Nine Parks Test Print / Mashup

$ 65.00
(Shop Closed Until November.)

We're excited to announce the release of a super limited batch of Fifty-Nine Parks Test Prints! Our friend Danny Askar has sent a batch of test prints and mashups. We are offering 50 prints that are numbered 1-50. Each print is based on the main image. 

What's a Test Print / Mashup?
Test prints are generated while printing one of our many parks posters. Before doing a full run printers often do test pulls of their screens to make sure everything is set up and printing correctly. Color tests are also done to make sure the colors are laying down well and are mixed to match the design.

Each of our test prints is 18x24" and features art from the series. In most prints elements from multiple parks overlap with one another. The result is a beautiful, wild, mix of color and scenes from the series!

Additional Info
You may purchase up to two test prints. Unfortunately we are unable to take requests for specific test prints that you may have seen online. Some prints include printing on the back. Some prints are dark and moody, others are vibrant and wild!