59 Parks Hero Image

The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series is a celebration of our National Parks. The strength of the series comes from an eclectic mix of artists and the unique beauty of each park. Every screen printed poster is printed here in the USA. Our goal is to get poster nerds into the parks and park nerds into posters. The full series is currently being archived by The Library of Congress.

Touring the Series
The series has toured extensively showing at Disney Animation Studios, Adobe Max, Lego HQ, SXSW, and other rad venues around North America.

5% to the Parks
To date we have helped raised over $225k to preserve the parks! We're committed to the parks beyond celebrating them in poster form. 5% of your poster purchase is donated to The National Park Service to help keep the parks going strong. We call that teamwork! Donations are also made in conjunction with our licensing partners. We have collectively made the following donations to The National Park Service and similar organizations:  

2023 — $4,000 (Via Poster Sales)

2023 — $29,400 (Via PARKS Game Sales)

2022 — $8,000 (Via Poster Sales)

2022 — $50,000 (Via method Collaboration) 

2022 — $37,569 (Via PARKS Game Sales)

2021 — $10,000 (Via Poster Sales)

2021 — $8,658 (Via Field Notes Collaboration) 

2021 — $9,140 (Via Nomadix Collaboration) 

2021 — $17,379 (Via PARKS Game Sales)

2020 — $4,695 (Via Nomadix Collaboration) 

2020 — $9,000 (Via Poster Sales)

2020 — $9,699 (Via Field Notes Collaboration)

2020 — $10,542 (Via PARKS Game Sales)

2019 — $8,200 (Via Field Notes Collaboration)

2019 — $9,000 (Via Poster Sales)

2018 — $7,000 (Via Poster Sales)

2017 — $7,000 (Via Poster Sales)

2016 — $3,000 (Via Poster Sales)