Call to Action

Visit, Donate, Volunteer, Create
There are many ways to experience and support the parks! We've put together a list of our favorite resources for you to use.

Find Your Park via a helpful website by The National Park Foundation. You can search by activity or state. With over 400 sites under the NPS umbrella—you'll be sure to find lesser traveled parks that are just as amazing!

The National Parks Conservation Association is a great organization that is dedicated to advocating for the parks. The NPCA was founded by Stephen Mather—the first director of The National Park Service. 

The National Park Service lists a number of ways to donate—including directly to your favorite park. 

National Audubon Society is dedicated to protecting birds and the places they inhabit.

National Trust For Historic Preservation is a great way to help preserve historical places within the US.

Volunteer is an excellent resource for finding volunteer opportunities by activity, location, agency, and difficulty level.

Sierra Club created a website that helps you find local volunteer opportunities that are in person or from the comfort of your home.

The National Park Service has a robust artist in residence program. Their database is super helpful in locating opportunities around the country.

The National Park Arts Foundation also hosts a great artist in residence program!