Q: 5% of my poster purchase will be donated to the National Parks Service?
A: Yes! We donate 5% directly from each purchase. There's no confusing math like "X% of proceeds or X% after profit." Even if we don't break even on a release 5% of your purchase is donated to the NPS. It may be small fries to start but over time we hope the donations from this series will be substantial and great! We call that teamwork! 

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: At the moment we're only able to ship within the US. Unfortunately we don't have the bandwidth to follow up to every email about International shipping—we'll do our best, though!

Q: Why are some prints limited edition?
A: We love being inclusive. That's why every park will have open edition runs of 18"x24" posters. We're also excited to offer collectable prints that are limited edition. These larger 24"x32" prints will be made for select parks. Get em while supplies last! 

Q: When will my order arrive?
A: Orders may take 2 weeks to arrive. However we often ship orders within 1 week when we're not on the road with the series.

Q: Why do the variants cost more?
A: Variants often require additional layers of ink or special printing processes. Therefore they cost more to produce.

Q: Are the prints signed and numbered?
A: Only limited edition prints are numbered. In the instance where the artist has printed their own posters these prints will be both signed and numbered. 

Q: It looks like I've been given a tracking number but it doesn't appear to be activated yet?
A: Sometimes USPS takes a day for tracking numbers to activate. If you've just placed an order you'll mostly likely run into this. Please give an order 24 hours to kick in. 

Q: I'm local to Austin, can I pick up my order in person?
A: Unfortunately we're not set up to accommodate pick ups at this time.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?
A: We're sorry, all sales are final.

Q: Do you all license the art work?
A: We do! We have a number of licensed projects in the works and love a good team up. Please feel free to reach out via our contact page.

Q: Can I print and sell these designs myself?
A: Work within the series is copyrighted and is not public domain. It cannot be reused, reprinted, or sold, please.

Q: A different artist will illustrate a print for each park?
A: That's right! As a compliment to each park's unique beauty, a different artist will illustrate each park with their own unique aesthetic.

Q: Do you pay the artists you work with?
A: Indeed we do!

Q: Are these the original WPA posters?
A: They are not but the WPA posters are some of our favorites ever. There were only 14 original posters made for the parks from 1938-1941. There are a ton of posters out there that are "made in the WPA style" but they are not original posters either. Some are meant to look screen printed but are in fact printed digitally. Our feeling is that style has been done in the 30's and revisited again in the 90's — both done incredibly well. We're flattered that we'd even come close to hanging with anything from the WPA era. While those posters have been a source of inspiration since we were kids we're intentionally coming at this series from a very different angle aesthetically. But we understand the equation: parks + screen printed posters = WPA posters. And rightfully so.

Q: Why should I purchase posters from your series when others exist? What makes you all different?
A: That's a tough question. We're stoked on a number of other parks series out there. Some long before us and some more recent releases. Our give back to the parks is one reason. At the time of our launch we were the only series to feature a different artists for every park through screen printed posters. That's our main differentiator from what's come before our series. Another differentiator is not pulling so directly from the WPA style. So many other posters are remade in that style. We love that era of poster design so much but our approach is a contemporary version of what parks posters can look like. Posters and parks aren't a coincidence either: our background is in printmaking and poster design — something we've celebrated for decades. Parks happen to be one of our favorite things about The US of A, too!

Q: What is screen printing? 
A: Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a mesh screen. Each color of a particular design is pulled one at a time. Since most or all of this process is done by hand, some variations in color and registration in each print are to be expected. Still confused? Seeing the process usually does the trick! Scope out a video here

Q: Why screen printing? Why not use one of them laser printers?
A: The simple answer is that screen printing yields a more beautiful print. Laser printers are entirely mechanical. Screen Printing involves much more of the human hand and eye. Each layer of color is pulled individually when screen printing. The ink overlaps and builds up on the paper in a way that a laser printer can't come close to. This allows the artist to pull off some beautiful things with color. For these reasons every print is unique in some slight way which makes it a little more special!