The 59 Parks Print Series

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We're stoked to introduce The 59 Parks Print Series! Over the next year we'll be releasing prints that celebrate each of our National Parks. Every park will receive a screen printed poster made by artists like Daniel Danger, Landland, Erica Williams, Tom Whalen, Dan McCarthy, Eric Nyffeler, and Justin Santora. This series is for parks enthusiasts and printmaking fans alike! 

A Fresh Take on Parks Posters
We've always admired the WPA posters from the 1930's. We've even found tons of inspiration from that era but this series isn't a throwback. Part of how that's achieved is by embracing a wide range of visual styles. The most exciting aspect of these posters is having 59 different artists contribute to the series! Most poster series look like they've been beautifully illustrated by the same hand. We're embracing the eclectic. Lastly, every poster in the series is screen printed in the USA — no laser printers here.

Future Releases
We'll be releasing posters for each of the 59 National Parks. Each park will have an 18"x24" open edition poster made by a prominent contemporary poster artists. Some parks will also have an open edition variant featuring a different time of day or a different season. Some parks may even receive a limited edition large format poster (24"x32")! This approach allows us to incorporate some level of collectability without being totally exclusive

We've always admired the WPA posters from the 1930's. We've even found tons of inspiration from that era but this series isn't a throwback. 

An Eclectic Series
Interesting things are bound to happen when over 50 creative voices contribute to the same narrative. At first the visual differences may seem overly apparent. Our feeling is that this is an exciting way to represent the unique beauty of each park. After all, the US is a big country with a whole lot of wilderness out there. We're excited to showcase each of the parks in a unique light while teaming up with some of the best poster artists in the country! 

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Enthusiasm for Posters and Parks
The series is produced and run by JP Boneyard. JP's combined love of travel, posters, and parks was the inspiration for this series. JP and friends find plenty of adventure with an internationally touring art show called The National Poster Retrospecticus. The NPR combines all of the best things: design, printmaking, travel, event planning, education, and community-centric events. The only thing missing was The National Parks! 

Special Thanks
This series has been over a year in the making. If it weren't for the encouragement, advice, solid chats, and enthusiasm of Andy Kokoszka, Brian Buccaroni, Rob Jones, Mitch Putnam, Daniel Danger, Katherine Rainey, Paul Roth, Dan Black, James Flames, Kevin Tong, Mike Swartz, Riley Cran, Curtis Jinkins, Kim Johnson, John Lomma, Jeff Noble, Tony Diaz, Laura Baisden, and Michael Swiatlowski it'd still be just an idea. Now it's for real, so big thanks goes out to our inspiring and talented friends! 

We hope you'll enjoy the series! Here's how to keep up with us:
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