National Poster Retrospecticus

The Fifty-Nine Parks Prints Series is produced by The National Poster Retrospecticus. The NPR is an internationally traveling poster show featuring hundreds of screen printed and letterpressed posters. The tour features over 150 of the most prominent contemporary poster illustrators and designers from North America.

How The Show Works
The show brings hundreds of hand-printed posters across the land. Galleries and non-traditional spaces are covered from floor to ceiling with gig posters and art prints. Shows typically go up for one-night-only then hit the road for the next stop on tour. Shows are all ages and free!

Where The NPR has Been
The NPR has shown everywhere from bombed out basements to fancy galleries across North America. The show has been in traditional gallery spaces like Boston University Gallery and Mondo Gallery. The NPR has also shown in non-traditional spaces like The Country Music Hall of Fame and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Festivals like SXSW, Noise Pop, and NXNE have even included the show in their programing too! More recently companies like Adobe and Lego have started hosting the show for internal or public receptions.

Hosting The NPR
The NPR travels wherever it can fit a ton of enthusiastic people and tons of posters. The show typically teams up with universities, design companies, and music / film festivals. Awesome partnerships are also found with AIGA chapters near and far. The tour is right at home in a big city like San Francisco or spots in the middle of nowhere like Omaha, NE or Burlington, VT! The show will travel to any city or town where basic costs can be covered and an enthusiastic crowd can gather! 

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