Gone Hiking! We'll be Back in November!

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We've gone and done something wild—we've closed the shop for most of 2023! We're taking some time away from Fifty-Nine Parks to catch up on what we've been missing since covid arrived in 2020. We'll be traveling, visiting with friends and family, and working on a few passion projects that have waited years for our attention. A few art shows may be in the works, too—our first since 2019!

We've never done anything quite like this before. The series was originally built on working 60+ hours a week. It's sort of terrifying to close up shop and hope everything will still be standing when we get back. The idea is to return recharged and refocused in November. We have a children's book, a calendar, more games, more puzzles, and a number of prints that we can't wait to finish when we get back!

Our shop may be closed but a few items—like our book, games, notebook, and postcards can still be purchased from our collaborators. You can also find many of these items at your local book stores.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support over the last seven years! It means to the world to us! We look forward to catching up with y'all later this year!

All of our best to you and yours! We hope your 2023 is a great one!

- JP, Brian, and Fifty-Nine Parks

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